I started homeschooling this year and Oh boy did the madness begin ! I was a very structural person at first I should say so picking a curiculim I trusted at first especially on a budget was very intimidating. Fortunately I found a website called the Homeschool Buyers Co Op where I found a free trial of Monarch which I LOVE and am now using as my primary curriculim. Monarch has all the core classes and is online which is very organized for me, but it lacks art and music.

I began googling craft projects and almost always, I would end up on Pintrest. So what is Pintrest ? Pintrest is a virtual social media designed basically for users to take notes and bookmark things they found while surfing the web. It is a genius idea and makes life well let’s just say easier.

So how do you use this for homeschooling ?

  1. You can go to pintrest and there are just literally thousands of boards created by people of ideas they found and were saving for later, or even things they created themselves and pinned to keep them to use or sell.
  2. While searching blogs or websites for ideas you can pin things to your boards for later
  3. I personally created one board for every subject that my daughter was studying and when I found something I wanted to assign I pinned it on the corresponding board.
  4. You can find almost any DIY project for any classroom tool imaginable

So next time your looking arround scurrying on the web for ideas head over to Pintrest and if your on Facebook join the group named Homeschooling with Pintrest