I am truly a survivor to say the least. I survived cancer twice,domestic violence a fall through a porch and a car accident. I guess it is safe to say that for some reason God gave me 9 lives. I am not bitter that I went through my experiences because it taught me compassion. I have learned alot about life and what it takes to keep your head up.

I am a mom of a beautiful daughter who is gifted and talented but yet damaged goods. I see so much resilliance in her. She herself is as well a survivor. She survived being kidnapped during my fight with cancer. She had been starved and molested for a year. I say damaged goods because she was hurt but yet the amazing thing is truthfully she is still so happy and loving.

Steve my husband has been there through my fight for life, held me while my heart ached during the time my daughter was gone. He is whitty,funny and compassionate.

So why do I blog about special needs and dyslexia. My daughter is absolutely brilliant and gifted. The school she attended had a hard time with her because she was struggling with reading,writing and math. Her B’s where D’s and vice versa but they never once was willing to test for learning disabilities. The school kept saying she was lazy, she believed it and her grades got worse. The outcome became holding her back. At first this seemed like the right thing till I had to have surgery yet again for cancer. You see I was working so much that our lives were slipping away without a clue. I had to take two months off from work and during this time I was struck with reality. God gave me this child I wasn’t worthy of. A completely brilliant child that was so free spirited yet so clumbsy and backwards. I knew sending her back to second grade would have damaged her more and that wasn’t an option. I was obligated to take care of God’s gift. I decided to homeschool. (which has definitely been yet another journey) but in our life there is never a dull moment. )so there you have it !

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